Since 1968, MRF Consulting, LLC has been conducting management studies and offering a full range of human capital management and administrative services to Federal agencies, local government and educational institutions.

Our Beginnings

MRF Consulting, LLC had its beginning in March 1968, when Bob McCarthy began with a single contract working part-time for the Board for Fundamental Education (BFE) in Washington, DC. The firm was marketed as MRF Associates, Inc and recruited part-time administrative talent from the Federal Government workforce. The entire effort was conducted on weekends and evenings since all the associates were full time federal employees.

In 1975, MRF Associates, Inc was reorganized into its present organization MRF Consulting, LLC and MRF began to hire full time consultants who had recently retired from the Federal Government at senior levels. The base of clients included major “Not for Profit” Organizations such as Legal Services Corp, American Home Economic Association, Numerous Federal Credit Unions, US Dept of Agriculture (USDA), Graduate Schools and numerous other organizations.

In 1986, Bob McCarthy retired from the Federal Government to spend full time managing MRF Consulting, LLC.

MRF over the years has supported over 50 Federal Agencies providing all levels of human resource management. It’s workforce has grown to over 90 consultants and employees and in its 46 years in business, it is one of the most respected HRM Consulting Firms in the Washington, DC Area. It provides support in all areas of HRM and continues to maintain outstanding ratings from its many clients.

Through 5 decades of service MRF has supported various Federal Government initiatives such as manage to budget (MTB) to reinventing government which highlighted programs to change the operation of the Federal Government. Eventually we moved to Human Capital Solutions which attempted to centralize HRM functions in a Senior Executive official for each agency. In today’s government, we are working to integrate the HRM activities with the agencies goals such as organizational change, transformational leadership and mentoring programs for staff as Senior Executives. MRF has always restructured its approach, repositioned its resources and revitalized its employee performance to meet changing agency goals and programs.

MRF Consulting Today

Today MRF is focused dynamic and results oriented. We have the best HRM Professionals government wide and we assign these “Superstars” to meet specific Federal Government needs.

We asses each agencies request for contract requirements and evaluate our available talent to specifically meet the needs of the agency. MRF has over 90 consultants and employees and can expand that number if agencies need greater assistance.

In 2014, MRF is again changing its profile and restructuring its work effort to provide even greater support to Federal Agency mission needs and a more dynamic approach to Human Capital and Human Resource Programs government wide.

MRF is creating the Executive Leadership Institute to provide creative approaches to management and motivational programs within the Federal Service. Executive coaching, organizational transformation and executive mentoring will provide agencies with access to the latest “State of the Art” and creative curriculum in this segment of modern federal organization. Mr. Jim Adler, a leadership coach and executive facilitator will assist us in this MRF effort. He will be joined by Toni Dawsey, Former Associate Administrator for Human Resources at NASA and currently an associate with the Senior Executive Association (SEA) and Dennis Owens, former Director of Human Resources Management for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and full-time faculty for the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia.

MRF continues to recruit, retain and develop a cadre of experienced and dedicated HR Consultants who have 25 years or more Federal experience to support the variety of federal agencies and the varied missions.

As the most senior (46 years) HRM Consulting firm, MRF is committed to continual reinvention and quality support to its present and future federal clients. We continue this commitment today as a small business with a distinguished clientele of federal agencies.

In the years ahead, HRM Programs will continue to experience changing legislation, increased reductions and overall systemic change in all aspects of ongoing programs. MRF will be there to provide the knowledge, the resources and the commitment to assist federal agencies to “get the job done” efficiently and effectively. This is the MRF History and the MRF promise. We offer the most innovative programs, the most exceptional consultants, and the most efficient method to “get the job done.”

MRF can provide assistance and blend any combination of human capital project or operations support.

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